Diatomaceous Earth Hibachi Grills

Diatomaceous Earth Hibachi Grills

Liquid firelighters are not recommended.

Fanning with vents open will help achieve a very hot fire. This material can be heated up to 800 degrees C.

Never use water to clean or cool diatomaceous earth.

Standard charcoal is fine for general use. Hardwood charcoal will last longer but takes longer to heat up.  We suggest using binchotan for the full experience as it lasts longer burns cleaner and can be used indoors as has no smoke and smell. Ventilation is required.
Visit our HEAT page for more details.

All grills come with detailed instructions on care and use from our Japanese manufacturers. Download the Google translate App and away you go.  
Also included are instructions on how best to light your binchotan and how to use your table grill.

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