So what's the difference?

We’re hardwired to love gathering around a cooking fire, and no one does that better than the South African braai-nation. But this is quite different. It’s a brand-new way of dining and entertaining, indoors or outdoors, that South Africans will definitely relate to but haven’t experienced before.

Unlike braaiing, the hibachi grill can be used indoors or outdoors, at the table or on the countertop. You can entertain while grilling at the table or have fun taking turns.

Made using diatomaceous earth, our hibachi grills are lightweight and compact, making them easily portable. This makes them ideal for camping trips, ticking yet another box for our outdoor nation. It also makes for excellent insulation and even heat distribution when grilling.

You can go healthy, the usually 'braai vleis en kuier' or change it up with some Japanese inspired dishes. No matter what you're in the mood for, your hibachi grill has you covered - inside and out!

As for charcoal, you're welcome to stick to your usual heating source, but we highly recommend our prized, reusable, Binchōtan (a specially processed charcoal). Learn more.

This way of entertaining is for everyone so there’s a grill to suit all pockets and tastes.