Grills of Japan - Hibachi - Arrives Feb '23

Grills of Japan - Hibachi - Arrives Feb '23

R 3,900.00 R 3,900.00

We are excited to introduce the latest arrival from Grills of Japan!

As with Grills of Japan’s other Hibachi, this new Shichirin is ideal for tabletop use, both indoor and outdoor. As opposed to Diatomaceous Earth, it is made of the same material used to make The Big Green Egg and Kamado Jan grills, and fired to a very high temperature.

The Shichirin is truly built to last, and easy to clean making this Shichirin a definite favourite for any occasion. The table grill is also very portable and ready to go where your next trip takes you - to even if it's the kitchen counter or dining table!

The ceramic base also ensures that the Shichirin is very easy to clean, due to the glazed finish inside and out.  Simply remove the ceramic base once completely cooled from its stainless-steel frame and wash with warm water and soap.  Dry and return it to the frame ready for next time.

Combined with using Grills of Japan White Binchotan Charcoal, this Shichirin will hold its heat for much longer than with regular charcoal, along with the added benefits of no smoke or smell.  Once you have finished grilling, simply remove the binchotan and extinguish into your extinguishing pot for future use.

The Shichirin can be used outdoors using either binchotan or regular charcoal, or indoors using binchotan charcoal and sufficient ventilation.

Two vents at the base allow for cooking on both sides or using only one side saving on charcoal.

Comes complete with a Grills of Japan-branded bamboo board to help protect your table as well as a fireproof base for added protection, as well as a handy grill mesh tool lifter.

English instructions included as standard.

Product Info

    • Dimensions:  40cm x 22cm x 16cm
    • Weight:  11kg