S12 Hibachi

S12 Hibachi

R 2,800.00


Compact and portable for interactive table grilling.

These hibachi grills can be used anywhere allowing guests to cook for themselves on their own grill or for grilling for a small group.  Larger group? Just add another one!

Made with Diatomaceous Earth this grill has incredible heat insulation properties.  They are lightweight and easy to use.  Coated in black these hibachi set themselves apart from the rest.

Included is a very strong and well made steel base which allows the hibachi to be raised off the surface to avoid any damage.  Solid handles on either side make it easy to lift and move around.

Complete your grilling experience by using our Binchotan charcoal.
Regarded as one of the best charcoals in the world.  To purchase or to find out more please visit the HEAT link in our SHOP.

Product Info

  • Dimensions:  26.2cm x 16.2cm
  • Weight:  4kg