YUZUYA Yuzu Kosho 90g

YUZUYA Yuzu Kosho 90g

R 185.00

The Yuzu Kosho from Yuzuya is made from green chili peppers, green yuzu with a refreshing scent, crisp spiciness, and also sea salt from Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture, with the blessing of the Sea of Japan.

This Yuzu Kosho has an outstanding aroma and spiciness, together with a salty flavor taste. Yuzu kosho is commonly used for everyday cooking in Japan, and its delicious graininess and rich aroma, also enhances effectively the taste and applys also a special unique flavor to your dishes. A simple scoop of Yuzu Kosho will complement largely your cooking!

This product can be used to rice, yakitori, noodles, vegetables, gyoza, salad dressing, marinade, soup, etc.

Ingredients: Yuzu peel, green pepper, salt