YUZUYA Yuzu Salt 25g

YUZUYA Yuzu Salt 25g

R 80.00

Yuzu is a type of Japanese citrus that is full of potassium (essential mineral), Terpenes (stress relief), Vitamin C (immunity), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Flavonoids (blood circulation) and β-carotene (cold prevention). The flower language of yuzu is "healthy beauty" and the fruits are referred to as "golden blessings from the earth".
It is said their aroma and skin have a healing effect, which is why they are a popular ingredient for both foods and cosmetics.

This yuzu salt is made without any coloring or additives, just pure Japanese salt with lots of minerals. It is a natural, flavorful salt with good nutritional value.

The salt is recommended for baking, frying, roasting. pickling or just topping.

The 100g can also be used to refill the "YUZUYA Yuzu Citrus Salt with dispenser, 25g" - we stock both.